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Mementos: Kira and Kevin

Fall 1996

My name is Kira Jespersen and I was on the kibbutz back in 1996 (September - December) and had 4 amazing months there. While I was there I met a fabulous South African guy called Kevin Rockell and believe it or not: We are getting married on Monday the 14th of April and plan to settle down here in Denmark.
Lots of love from Kira in Denmark
Kira and Kevin Kira and Kevin


to whom we extend our best wishes:
Mazal Tov

the swimming pool A couple of Danes hanging out at the pool. It's me standing and in the pool from the left you see Maria, Gitte, Birgitte and Ole.


Smirnoff The beloved volunteer dog Smirnoff

He was the living proof that love is blind. I've never seen another tiny mongrel mistake himself as often for a Big Dane when canine love was in the air. He didn't stand a chance, of course, but he should be awarded 10 out of 10 for trying.


The Danes The Danish volunteers (Marie, Birgitte, Ole, Bitten, Gitte, Kira, Tina and Lene) outside the dining room on New Year's Eve
Maria and Kira Maria and I on the Westbank

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