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Mementos: Dominique

Dominique Sudre, 1979/80 Dominique Sudre from France who would like to get in touch with the people he met on the kibbutz.
October 1979 to March 1980

Hello old volunteers from end 79.
I'm this "famous" French guy always laughing and joking on each other. I want to write some words to tell you how nostalgic I am after 25 years when I think of some of the best moments of my life that I spent in Reshafim. Hope you remember the great ABBA night performed by Marie Wörlen and her Swedish friends (she wrote some words too about that in sweet memories pages) and the famous new year eve in the bunker when we celebrate about 8 or 9 time the new year, depending of each volunteers countrys time. It's been my best new year eve. I really would like to hear about you my friends from everywhere...
I love you all and hope that the life has taken care of you. thank you also to all Israeli people from Reshafim who made this possible
LOVE from Dominique SUDRE
April 2004


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