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Mementos: Buzz

Summer 1964
Sheike i spent most of my time there working in the fish ponds. i remember starting the day very early. my first assignment was to make coffee for the crew. i think we were an important profit center; we were rewarded with chocolate bars! i graduated to working the nets and spearing snapping turtles! i remember sheike; a very warm, friendly person.


Lea Rosner and her sons this shot is of lea and her boys. all the color shots i took at reshafim were on an old ansco-agfa folding camera which i was never able to take sharp pictures with. the black and whites i took were made with a new slr i bought just before coming to israel and those are much sharper although i was still quite unfamiliar with the new camera and many of my exposures were off.


Aba Dori, father of Dori, postman extraordinaire to the best of my knowledge in 1964 there was only one elderly parent of a kibbutznick at reshafim. here is "abba" delivering the mail.
Swimming pool The swimming pool in 1964
Sahne The Sahne
Sahne The Sahne
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