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Mementos: Bob

I was a volunteer from October 1973 (during the Yom Kippur War) until April, 1974. My name is Bob Rosenbaum, and I worked mostly in the factory (Terraflex) with Chaim Levy, Rafuel, Boom (Raya's father), Chaim "Wow". Did some time in the kitchen with Shmuel. Hurt my knee, so I was delegated to driving the "CLARK" (forklift). There were 2 of them at that time. Other times I worked with the "mixerim", the machson (warehouse with Rafuel), extruding and winding the black "politelain" (polyethylene).

I was friendly with Shike (dagim), Kito, the big "jinjeet", who gave out work assignments, although no one ever saw him doing any other work. Leiya Rozner and her sons (the twins and Yeshayhu). Rami Arav (the archaeologist). His wife had twins during my stay. We had a situation with the "chaverim" about using the "Moadon".

My room was in the first building, 2nd room in the first wing. There were no WCs or showers attached, just a little tub with water at the end of the building. There was a guard tower at the end of the building near the inside fence, facing Mount Gilboa.

Would love to hear from other "mitnavim" and "chaverim" from that time.



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