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Marie Wörlén
October 79 until May 80
Hallo all kibbutz members that remembers me!!
My name is Marie Wörlén and I am from Sweden. I have just found your home page. Itīs been a long time since I was in your kibbutz. I donīt know if there is anyone who remembers me. I was there in the same time as many other swedish people.We did a special thing for you all. We arranged a swedish evening and performed for you with music and dances and since ABBA was very popular then we also copyed them. I was Agneta then..
I was in the kibbutz from october -79 until may -80 so it was a rather long time. I enjoyed my stay at your kibbutz very much.
Happy New Year to you all from me.
My e-mail adress is:

18 December, 1999


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