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2011 Demolition of old cow sheds and silage tower
2011 The laundry is shut down.
2011 The 100 Mb fibre optics LAN reaches all the kibbutz neighbourhoods. A new VDSL concentrator connects the farther-off workplaces.
2010 The shop and the laundry are being run by people from the outside.
2010 For the first time in more than ten years: New members join the kibbutz.
2009 Reunion of prospective new kibbutz members
2008 60th anniversary celebrations
2005 Changes in the way of life. Large parts of kibbutz life are privatized.
2004 Privatization of food and laundry services
2004 Referendum concerning the fundamental changes in the way of life of the kibbutz
2003 Kibbutz members open bank accounts
2003 New social support institutions
2003 Separation of the social and economic aspects of kibbutz life
2003 The kibbutz high school "Gilboa" is closed
2003 VDSL connections at 15 Mb to the neighbourhood for all members
2002 Wages instead of a budget
2002 The kibbutz archive is moved into the memorial room
2000 The kitchen is made kosher.
2000 The first members connect directly to our LAN.
1999 Central internet connection for factory and kibbutz administration by fibre optics cable and members by dial-up modems
1999 The kibbutz website goes online
1998 Meals in the dinig room are being paid for
1997 The new shop is opened
1997 Breakfast and supper in the dining room are discontinued
1995 Cable TV
1995 Opening of the retirement home
1993 Members pay their own electricity bills
1992 Construction of 12 flats
1991 Snow at Reshafim
1990 Children sleep in their parent's flats
1988 Inauguration of the primary school "Rimon" at Mesilot
1985 The dental clinic 1983 Members get phones in their flats
1981 Inauguration of the new dining room, Members get colour TV sets
1979 Beginning of the erection of the new dining room
1977 Construction of a new library
1975 Members get black and white TV sets
1971 The clothes store
1970 The first flats get air-conditioning
1969 The first kibbutz shop is opened
1968 Terraflex
1968 Inauguration of the club house
1963 A new pumping station and water canal
1957 The swimming pool
1957 The ice house
1956 The kitchen and the old dining room
1955 Locust at Reshafim
1950 Snow at Reshafim
1950 Construction of grain silos, cow sheds, chicken coops, flats, the water tower
1950 Members and children move to Reshafim
1949 Construction of eight flats
1949 Concrete defense post
1948 Settling the land at Ashrafie


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