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Until Death Do Us Part

Cochava and Dan A paradise of married bliss? Let's have a look at the statistics (March 2000)
Members and candidates for membership
age group single divorced remarried married widowed Total
above 60 - 9 2 73 17 101
40-60 9 9 3 83 1 105
20-40 62 2 - 45 - 109
Total 71 20 5 201 18 315

Single: Not living with a partner on a permanent basis.
Divorced: Legally divorced or just permanently separated
Remarried: Living with a partner on a permanent basis after a divorce (not after being widowed)
Married: Any permanent partnership

And this in a society where there are no economic penalties for getting divorced. On the contrary: Both partners get flats; well, actually one of them gets to keep the old one and the other is assigned a new one. Single members get a small addition to their budget, the idea being that they need a bit more money to go and look for a new partner.

We must be doing something right.

Update 2011:
Now we are in the process of privatizing the flats, people receive the titles to the flats they have been living in-with all the unfairness that entails. It certainly will be more difficult for a couple to separate, as they will not receive an additional flat. Fortunately the divorce rate has not risen.

In 2013 190 of the members and candidates were married, 23 were single, 15 divorced and 31 widowed.


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