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TV, the great leveller

Of course, we only watch the best programmes: Channel 81 , Discovery and the like. You would never ever catch us watching those stupid game and host shows. Who wants to be a millionaire anyway. It's just, you know, the kids.

And then, Ally McBeal makes valid social statements and Jay Leno is well known for his incisive what-do-you-call-'em. But actually, we have a TV set just for the news2. What about you3?

Here! Emus, see? And you didn't believe me.


1) The science and nature channel on Israeli cable TV
2) A holy cow in this country
3) If you live on a kibbutz far from the main population centres (in 1999), chances are that you can go on dreaming of cable TV for a little while longer. Reshafim is one of the few peripheral kibbutzim connected. The government is doing a little arm-twisting now to convince the cable companies to part with a few of their easily gotten doubloons and hook up every settlement.



OK, that was three years ago. Not much has changed, but our cable system has undergone a major overhaul. Twenty additional and mostly useless channels have been added. emu, 2002 For an additional 15 shekels per month you can get digital TV, and cable internet is becoming a distinct possibility.Those who have not succumbed to the lure of the fashion channel still watch channel 8 - remember the emus? They are back:

After donkey's years of looking after our infrastructure by ourselves, it was decided to call in experts. It needed a major overhaul and Gadcom, the firm doing the maintenance, did not ask for the sky. So there we are.
I'd like to assure those who are not blessed with international TV programmes that whatever their local TV fare, chances are it's better than what the Germans get. Since I had the opportunity to watch a few German programmes, I've become reconciled with the toothache.

The cable infrastructure has grown rather decrepit and looking after it is becoming more and more expensive. Two alternatives were suggested: TV by internet as an over-the-top (OTT) service provided by HOT and TV by satellite. As our internet bandwidth is with 200 Mb still not quite up to it, we've decided to go with YES, the only Israeli direct broadcast satellite television provider. This means that every building will get its own satellite dish - rather an eye sore - and we won't have our own local TV channel anymore which provided a teletext service and transmitted kibbutz meetings.


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