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Getting together

In the olden days (sounds like the Middle Ages, doesn't it. let's say fifty years ago) when people were still young, the most popular spots in Israel for getting together were the lawns. They were so popular songs were written about them, one of them called "There are heaps of pals on the lawn" (which during one of the less popular wars became "There are heaps of lawn on the pals"). Those were the days of bonfires, drinking black coffee, smoking cheap cigarettes and singing songs. Very Baden-Powellish with circumcision (apart from the coffee, the cigarettes and the sex of course).
Dining room On the kibbutz another meeting place was the universal watering hole, i.e. the dining room in all its reincarnations. Until a few years ago it was open 24 hours a day and quite often illuminated - and wastefully so - all day long.
Clubhouse And then, as Christopher Robin might have described it, we were rich. Not really, but we had some spare money and so we built the clubhouse. Opened with blaring fanfares, better coffee, biscuits, glossy magazines and a tv set, it seemed destined to draw people together forever. Like many other things, it didn't work out that way.
The older kibbutzniks discovered that they could watch tv in more comfort at home, while the young generation thought a coffeehouse too staid and - frankly - boring.
Pub So they refurbished a former children's house, bought a pool table, two metre wide loudspeakers and a few other necessaries such as wine glasses and opened a pub. Alcohol seemed to do the trick for them, for a while at least. But with them getting married and starting families, the pub was used less and less frequently until it was boarded up in 2011 and turned into a second hand shop two years later.


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