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The bare necessitites

the shop If you needed soap (one brand), razor blades (one brand) or condoms (one size), you went to see Mishka B. who opened his shop (a small cupboard) once a week. He didn't have much else: shoe laces, shampoo (for those with long hair only), cigarettes (2 kinds of the murderous variety), matches (one kind), toothpaste (one kind), tooth brushes, toilet paper (coarse), coffee (Turkish), biscuits (dry) and a few other things. There wasn't much, but the little there was, was free.

the shop



40 square metres of floor space, shelves full of goodies, some still free (see list above), most to be paid for in full. The control over the supplies remained in the family: Hadassa, Mishka's wife, ruled supreme.


Gone are the days of free biscuits and Turkish coffee. Hard headed business people are in charge now: Computerized and open about three hours a day. Well...
The shop is being rented out and run as a private business by one of our members.
Somebody from the outside has started managing the shop.


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July 1999