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The babies' house Education used to be free, it, like so many other things, is so no longer. Have you spread your seed far and wide and did it fall on fertile ground? Pay up! Daycare for one child costs more than a thousand shekels a month, paid by the parents.


The clinic Minor ailments are dealt with by our local nurses, twice a week a physician receives patients and people who need urgent treatment are taken either to the clinic in near-by Beit-Shean or the regional hospital at Afula.
The dental clinic The dental clinic is just opposite.
Nowadays we have to pay for dental care, either by defraying the costs of treatment or by paying a monthly insurance fee.
Healthcare used to be free. All kibbutz members were insured by the Kupat Holim Klalit, the health fund of the trade union organisation, the Histadrut.
Since 2006 we pay for medicines and special treatments. One must admit that privatization appears to have improved public health considerably. If only a year before going private the clinic's waiting room was full of patients, there is barely anyone to be seen nowadays. Cynics, of course, will have different explanations for this seemingly wholesome development.


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