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The Library

The babies' house 1999: Not a bad little library with some 40,000 books. A bit of everything, fiction and non-fiction, but mostly revered for its books on humour: Stalin's Collected Works in the original Russian. Interested in a bible in Chinese? We've got that - weird.

It has been computerized but it's not very active anymore. Two old age pensioners used to run things, nowadays there's only one left.

Open daily from about 7 am until noon.

The last of the librarians has thrown in the towel. It has been decided to get rid of a large part of the books and keep only those, people might really want to read. That'll be the end of Stalin's Collected Works at Kibbutz Reshafim.

2013: For a while the library looked rather desolate, with crates filled with unwanted books everywhere. But now, at the beginning of 2013, reduced to less than one percent of its former glory, it shares the library space with an afternoon activity centre for toddlers.

2017: The "streamlined" library was an underwhelming success and has been liquidated.


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