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The dining room

Iss, Feigele, iss! 1

The old dining room The kibbutz dining room used to be the place where things happened. Apart from three meals a day being served there, it was the place where kibbutz meetings were convened, films and plays shown, weddings celebrated and parties held.


The dining room lobby In the 1990s it still performed some of these functions: Breakfast and supper were discontinued, lunch, cafeteria-style, we payed for, Bar-Mitzvas and weddings were being celebrated and on feast days we congregated for dinner. Apart from that, it was a dark and gloomy place after 2 pm, locked and sometimes broken into.
The dining room


The entrance

Cacti are planted in strategic positions, to better prick passers-by. The question might be asked, whether this is the right place for plants with an appetite for human flesh. 2

The dining room lobby


The lobby

The postoffice boxes, a bulletin board and a statue as food for thought.

Since the PO boxes were moved in 2010 to the administration building, the lobby. like the rest of the dining room, has been locked.
The dining room interior


The interior

A picture from happier days: Elka getting things ready. At the centre, the computers - you get a really warm feeling of being at home when you check out your food.

Since the 1st May 2004 an outside firm was running our dining room and kitchen. Many of the kibbutz members were somewhat bemused, asking themselves how an outsider could make a profit where we could not break even.
He couldn't. In October 2005 the dining-room was finally closed down.

It's not quite the rising of the phoenix from the ashes, but at least the building is used again for the occasional Purim party.


Feigele 1) The war cry of all yiddishe mammes: Eat, my little bird, eat! Sometimes with huge success, as in the case of Rabin's and Barak's minister of finance, Beige Shohat, Beige being a corruption of Feigele - birdie.

2) They've been mostly removed since (Winter '99)


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