Kibbutz Reshafim, 10905, Israel -

The children's playground

The boat The first playground with swings, roundabouts and ladders was erected for the 10 year anniversary of the kibbutz.
As there was very little money available, one made do with whatever there was to be found. This boat for instance had been used for trimming the reeds surrounding our fishponds.


A merry-go-round built by the students of the High School for the "young ones", with later modifications.
new slides


And this is what money can buy. The 1999 additions are better looking and probably safer as well - but one may well wonder, whether donations - much as they are appreciated - are a substitute for involvement, enthusiasm and civic pride.
old and new


2013: The airplane which used to be one of the playground's main attractions, is gone, as are all the swings built by our members, replaced by safe and - frankly - boring alternatives.
new slides


All right - this at least goes round and round
old and new


while one keeps wondering what a normal five year old could possibly do with this.


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