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Behind the Scenes

Pearl diving

The dishwasher The dream of a buddhist: the everturning dishwasher - dirty dishes in - slightly less dirty dishes out - round and round and then - 2pm - lights out - Nirvana.

This was a "favourite" haunting place for generations of volunteers.
Members too had to lend a hand. There were the famous 100 days one had to put in every few years either in the dining room or the kitchen and, when meals were still served in the evenings and on Sundays, one had to do the occasional turn of duty ever so often.


The kitchen

The dishwasher The place where, according to the statistics, more accidents occur than anywhere else, and, according to some jokester, we have to eat them.

The kitchen was another infamous volunteers' haunt: Byron in a spotless white coat.


The dishwasher Ester B. getting the vegetables ready.

The curious white plastic tubes with the circular holes hanging from the ceiling are ducts for the airconditioning.

After standing empty for a few years the kitchen's stainless steel vats and pans and the dishwasher have been sold off as scrap metal, and a remaining oven in good shape has been stolen by burglars in 2006.
The kitchen is serving as a storage room for equipment belonging to the education and culture commissions.
The kitchen is turned into offices for the kibbutz administration.


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