Kibbutz Reshafim, 10905, Israel -

The House We Live in

The early Fifties The early Fifties
Three rooms, with one sink (a later addition), no bathroom, no loo. Well, there were the public shower room and lavatories.
The Fifties
Two wings with three rooms and one bathroom, kitchen corner and porch each, with a view to a future expansion (turning three one room flats into two 1½ room flats) that was never realised.
The Fifties
The roaring Sixties The roaring Sixties
A living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette and porch. Another room made of reinforced concrete was added later for protection against rocket attacks, which fortunately never came.
The Seventies
You get the idea: Four flats in a row, hiding behind shrubbery.
The Seventies
The late Eighties The late Eighties
Still four in a row, but reaching for the skies with a second floor.
Take the tour of one of the flats.
The Nineties
Semi-detached, expressing how many kibbutzniks feel.
The Nineties
The new millenium The new millenium
More of the same.
Finished after all in spite of a major financing bug.
The Tens
Remember the Titanic: "Every man for himself!"?
This is Lior Avramovski's effort. The colour of the roof caused a few tongues to wag.
The Nineties


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