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Bringing up the Children

children in 1957 In the beginning life in Ashrafie wasn't easy. During the first year people lived in tents, later on in shacks, two couples to a room, not the best environment for bringing up children. And as there wasn't enough money to build houses for everyone, there would be houses for no one, but the children. Communal education was both economically sound and politically correct. With both parents working long hours, day care was a necessity. The evenings were taken up by administrative and other community related activities and babysitting was instituted.
This was in tune with socialist ideology, with the hope of creating a new world by creating a new man. Later on they became articles of faith, causing some people to leave the kibbutz and preventing others from joining. -
A children's house under construction in the 1950's
The children's soccer pitch under irrigation in 1998
The Gulf War in 1991 saw the end of the communal dormitories. Children sleep in their parent's apartments now. Day care is provided for on weekdays from 6.30am to 4.00pm. A few of the children's houses have been given new functions as the number of children is smaller today.
2018: Thanks to our efforts to attract new members since 2010, many families have joined us with dozens of children. The first kindergarden of the kibbutz was demolished and replaced by a new one, the retirement home, which was never properly used, was turned into another kindergarden, the southern part of a former school, which had housed a number of offices, was turned into a children's house for 5th- and 6th-graders. Plans are afoot to move the kibbutz administration out of an old schoolhouse to the former kitchen. Tlaton hadash
The new home for the 5th- and 6th-graders


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