Kibbutz Reshafim, 10905, Israel -

The children's farm, continued?

A donkey
rode on the donkeys
chased after the guinea fowl guineafowl
Guinea fowl
remnants of a flock
A caged peacock
and were chased by the peacocks.
They don't any longer.

The children's farm has become a petting zoo, at best. It used to be something the children were responsible for and proud of. Not all the children liked the work, some were afraid of some of the animals. But it added flavour to their childhood, which has become much blander, when they stopped working there.

A shorn sheep
Nowadays one asks oneself: What's it for?



July 2017: Alea iacta est - The children's farm will be demolished. Here a few pictures of ruin and desolation..



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