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Mending nets A bastion of Machoism (with a capital M): the fisheries. Here are the girls mending the nets

Archive No.30711

Netting fish while the boys are doing the manly thing: emptying the pond.

April 1958
Archive No.30714

It works as follows: During the night before catching the fish you pump most of the water out of the (artificial) pond and startle the fish all night long with a gas cannon. (Unlike pelicans who get used to the cannon quickly, fish are pretty dumb and aren't given much of a chance to get used to the noise anyway.) Early in the morning, after imbibing litres of hot black Turkish coffee, you drive all the bleary-eyed exhausted fish with nets into a little corner of the pond,
E,ptying a pond where you load them into the lift depicted here which carries them up into a wheeled container.

April 1958
Archive No.30715

It still works pretty much the same way today, only instead of a mechanical lift they're using a vacuum pump. A big slurp, and the fish are all gone.
In our fish ponds carps, mullets, and some other species are grown. Over the years attempts were made to diversify: we grew prawns, cychlids and other aquarium fish, but that all came to nought.


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