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The Dairy

the dairy 1 There was a time, in the beginning, when you could barely see the dairy for the mountain.

Archive No.33437

the dairy 2 And nowadays, fifty years later, you can barely see the mountain for the dairy.

Not quite Numero Uno in Israel, but among the very best dairies in the country (We ranked 12th in milk production per cow in 1999). Considering the very unfavourable climatic conditions of the Beit Shean valley this is an outstanding achievement.

Kudos to Walter and his staff!

the dairy 3 The stacking of the bales of hay was done by hand,

Archive No.33486

the dairy 4 as was the milking

This is Mendush doing the honours.
1950. Archive No.32284

the dairy 4 Puddles - a rare pleasure to splash through.

Ehud (Udi) and Omri Frish,
Archive No.33453.


Not quite Numero Uno? That was then, January 2000, ages ago. Now, since November 2000, we are officially Tnuva's pet, Tnuva's Golden Boys, Tnuva's paragons of milk-production, Tnuva being the ubiquitous milk products wholesaler in Israel, something huge.

How time flies: Sic transit gloria (Spring 2002). Like the beauty queen of yesteryear we have passed on our crown. Still doing pretty well, though.
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