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Chicken feed

Once upon a time

chickens In the olden days we used to keep chickens the way grandma did, only on a larger scale. Laying your egg was your own private business you indulged in when and where you felt like.

Taken by Zavek, 1957.
Archive No.31757
collecting eggs Which made the chicken farm rather labour intensive. Collecting the eggs and filling the feeding troughs was done by hand, even if you had a trolley suspended on an overhead rail to get around.

Haim Lupo
Taken by Zavek, 1957.
Archive No.31758

The days of the Big Bad capitalist Wolf

batteries of chickens Today (1999) we have batteries, which sort of gives me the willies. Two big chickens (or three smaller ones) to a cage,
egg ladders with feed and eggs reaching their respective destinations on conveyor belts, illuminated by fluorescent light.
The strange yellow contraptions are a sort of egg ladder, lowering the eggs gently from the height of the top row to the conveyor belt.
conveyor belt The belt moves them to a nearby room
checking the quality of the eggs where they are checked, weighed and sorted by size
Here's eagle-eyed Moshe P.
packaging eggs and packaged by hand.
Noemi B. and Tzippora

We don't grow rich hawking eggs, but it pays a few of the bills.

The whole installation should be refurbished and it is doubtful that would be worthwhile. Moreover the workers are about to go into pension and there is nobody to take their place. Soon our chicken farm will be a thing of the past.

August 2015
RIP. I must say I'm not really sad to see it being shut down.


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