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Agriculture VII: Crunching a few numbers


Even the most ardent admirer of Kibbutz Reshafim will have to admit that agriculture-wise we were among the also-ran's. While our dairy was one of the finest in the country (elected number ONE by Tnuva in the year 2000), the results of our agricultural activities had been disappointing during the previous years. It may have been a case of the flesh being willing, but ...

Crop yields 1999
Crop Area
Watermelons 240 720 3000
Peas 470 186 396
Wheat 1380 1515 1098
Sunflower seeds 550 63 115
Coriander 280 497 1775
Tomatoes 570 4292 7530
Oats 330 46 139
Autumn maize 250 216 864
Clover 460    
Spinach 150 395 2633

1 dunam=1000 m²

Agriculture is intensive. Most crops are heavily irrigated and sprayed against weeds and pests. On the other hand we rotate crops, grow clover and other leguminous plants, improve the soil with compost and do rain-dances, well almost.


In the last five years things have improved a little bit, resultwise. Where the fields seem to have yielded mostly weeds (it would be difficult to explain recurring losses over a ten year period otherwise) at least nowadays an, albeit not huge, profit gladdens the hearts of those who understand the gobbledygook our financial wizzes publish every year.


Our outlook is much rosier than it used to be, and we are left with some money to pay back our debts with. One of our members, Ronen, even got a commendation from Agresco, the giant exporter of agricultural produce, and was nominated Outstanding Agriculturalist of the 2007/8 season for his mango exports:


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