Kibbutz Reshafim, 10905, Israel  

Kibbutz Reshafim

About us
Here you'll find (hopefully) answers to all the questions about Kibbutz Reshafim you never even dreamed of asking, such as Who are you?, When did this happen?, Where's your kibbutz?, How do you live? and Why?, a question more likely to be asked than answered.
A phonebook with email addresses (in Hebrew only, sorry) of our members and a map of the western part of the kibbutz are at your disposal

About the caregivers
A small token of gratefulness to all those who have come from afar to help us care for our old.
About the volunteers
For decades young people came to the kibbutz for a sort of working holiday. Alas, they arrive no longer. But here are a few pages about the "harsh" reality they had to submit to and the sweet memories, their email addresses and on How to.

About all this and a few other things
If you want to air your opinion, ask a question, find fault or *blush* give praise, this is the place to do it.


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