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Mementos: Arij's pictures with his comments


A group photo of Bella and my wife Joyce (with the red blouse) next to Bella stands Ronit, her daugther and just visible between Joyce and me stands Hagar (1974).


Bella, Israel, Ronit and Joyce (1974).


Bella and Israel vaccinating the turkeys (1968).


Volunteer-houses (1968).

(That was thirty years ago. Not much has changed, has it? - Ed


Volunteers: (from the left to the right).
Standing: Leo, Wil, Peter, (all three from Holland), Nigel (from England) and unknown volunteer from Switzerland - (Paul Egger as far as my wife remembers - Ed) (1968).
Sitting: My person, Jacob, people from Switzerland (Lily, again my wife's phenomenal memory - Ed) , Holland and Congo.


Leo (left), Nigel (right) and somebody (and centre) (also volunteer in Reshafim) had a beer in Beth Shean.



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