Ancient Egypt: Links and a short list of novels about ancient Egypt
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Disclaimer: I do not assume any responsibility for the content or availability of any of the following websites


Egypt portals, online magazines, link pages
-Egyptology Books and Articles in PDF Online
-Egyptological Online
-Egypt, Land of Eternity by Ian Bolton
-Projet Rosette
-Andie Byrnes' Egyptology News
-Lifestyles of Ancient Egyptians (Link suggested by Tony in Delaware, USA)
-Guide to Egyptian Civilization (Link suggested by Jacob Crane)
Egyptological Associations and Institutes
-The Epyptological Collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
-Egyptology Resources (Newton Institute in the University of Cambridge )
-The Griffith Institute
-Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology: Search the collection
-Egypt Exploration Society: The EES mission to Sais
-IAE - International Association of Egyptologists
-Asociación ibérica de Egyptología (in Spanish)
-The American Research Center in Egypt. Washington, DC Chapter
-Egyptian Study Society
-American Research Center in Egypt
-Manchester Ancient Egypt Society
-The Southampton Ancient Egypt Society (SAES)
-Instituto de Estudios del Antiguo Egipto
-Asociación Andaluza de Egiptología.
-Deutsches archäologisches Institut
-Aigyptos, Datenbank zur Literaturrecherche im Fachgebiet Aegyptologie (Institut für Ägyptologie der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München)
-Ägyptologisches Institut, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
-Ägyptologisches Seminar der Universität Basel
-Journal of Near Eastern Studies
-egyptologues.net, Collège de France (in French)
KheperKheper - Association égyptologiste néo-louvaniste (in French)
-Belgian Society for Oriental Studies (English, French, Flemish)
Egyptology Fora
-The Egyptologists Electronic Forum (EEF)
-Ancient Egyptian Language Discussion List (AEL)
-The Forum of Amun
-In the Hall of Maat: Weighing the evidence for alternative history
-Ägyptologie Forum (in German). This forum is developing an on-line encyclopedia of Egyptology which has more than 2000 entries already.
-Thotweb égyptologie (in French)
-Perfume and the Egyptian Mummification Process
-Aegaron: Ancient Egyptian Architecture Online
-Iconothèque numérique - HAA Égypte (R. Tefnin)
Egypt ArtEgypt Art by Richard Deurer
NekhebetNekhebet: Wonders, Mysteries, History, Religion
Links to EgyptLinks to Egypt
Die Welt der Alten AegypterDie Welt der Alten Ägypter by Manuela Diederich
Les amis de l'Egypte ancienneLes amis de l'Egypte ancienne: Collection of photos
Une promenade en EgypteUne promenade en Egypte (Alain Guilleux)
Ancient History: EgyptiansAncient History: Egyptians from the BBC
History of the WorldMarshall Nyman-Fenner's History of the World blog
Annuaire HistoireAnnuaire Histoire (French portal, mostly about French history)
The Hanging Gardens of BabylonThe Hanging Gardens of Babylon for Kids. (About the Seven Wonders of the World, among them the Giza Pyramids and the Pharos. Site suggested by Haylee Breen and the kids she is tutoring)




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Travel EgyptTravel Egypt: Egypt travel guide, Luxor, Cairo, Giza, Sphinx, Sharm el Sheikh, Mount Sinai, Nile River, Pyramids

Fictional Accounts of Life in Ancient Egypt

Disclaimer: This is just a list of novels about ancient Egypt (and a short and incomplete one at that) and not a recommendation.
Robin Cook Sphinx (Signet Book; Reissue edition, 1983, ISBN: 0451159497)
Pauline Gedge Child of the Morning (Popular Library, 1978, ISBN 0-445-04227-3)
Pauline Gedge Mirage (Harper Collins, 1990, ISBN 0-06-016541-3)
Pauline Gedge The Hippopotamus Marsh (Lords of the Two Lands Vol.1) (Soho Press, 2000, ISBN: 1569472203)
Pauline Gedge The Oasis (Lords of the Two Lands Vol.2) (Soho Press, 2001, ISBN: 1569472386)
Christian Jacq The Stone of Light: Nefer the Silent
Christian Jacq Ramses : The Son of Light (Warner Books, 1997, ISBN: 0446673560)
Christian Jacq Ramses : The Eternal Temple
Christian Jacq Ramses : The Battle of Kadesh
Christian Jacq Ramses : The Lady of Abu Simbel
David L. Lantz The Brotherhood of the Scroll
Anne Rice The Mummy or Ramses the Damned
Lynda Robinson Murder in the Place of Anubis
Judith Tarr King and Goddess (Forge Books, 1998, ISBN 0-812-55084-6)
Carol Thurston Eye of Horus
Mika Waltari The Egyptian
Lucile Morrison Queen of Egypt (Lippincott, 1937, ISBN: 0397300441)
Eloise McGraw Mara, Daughter of the Nile (Puffin Story Books, ISBN: 0140319298)
Geraldine McCaughrean, Patricia D. Ludlow Casting the Gods Adrift: A Tale of Ancient Egypt (Cricket Books 2003, ISBN: 0812626842)